"How true that in wine there is truth I'll tell you everything, no secrets."

William Shakespeare (1564 – 1623)


About US

Langhe, Piedmont, Italy

Careful grape selection and wine production, together with respect for quality are the basics of our outstanding wine selection "Filari di Luna". Our goal is to meet even the most refine Customer's tastes, in full respect of our local tradition with our quality wines.

Our label is synonymous with creativity, excellence and accuracy in the choice of raw materials.

Our wine range embraces different areas of the noble Piedmontese wine-growing and wine-producing territories, as the Langhe, whose history and traditions are transferred directly into your glass of wine.

Just take a sip to feel exactly in the middle of the unique atmosphere of the unforgettable hills described by outstanding Italian writers as Cesare Pavese, who was born here. A wild and sharp skyline deeply marked by the erosion furrows of the river Tanaro running from Alba to Asti as an ideal link between these two great wine-producing towns.

The Langhe are further split into Langa di Barolo, Langa di Barbaresco and "Alta Langa", the latter of which characterized by the renown hazel groves, woods and meadows where the famous "fassone" beef cattle, together with sheep and goats have been feeding on this rich grass ever since. Time seems to have stopped here: this is still the same "farmer's land" where you can see the bonfires lit from hill to hill in summertime.

This is "the Langhe", and this is exactly the flavour we try to recall with every single bottle of our "Filari di Luna" wines.